Ever stricter requirements oblige construction engineers to keep their noses to the grindstone in terms of research. High-speed trains, low-running trams and combined rail-and-road transport all have one aspect in common: the search for new solutions that will increase performance, safety, capacity and comfort.
Traditional axles can no longer be considered as the key to all these problems.
Current research focuses on bogies with independent wheels.
The central space of the OSMOS orbital wheel has led to stunning new developments in terms of wheel-bogie connections. It will be possible to retain the wheel-rail interface at its optimum level in all circumstances due to an angle correction device and a system for eliminating lateral backlash.
Designing innovative bogies is far from being our goal, but it would nonetheless be interesting to consider the possible uses for the orbital wheel in various fields of research:
- Low-running vehicles
- Independent wheels
- Peripheral brakes with multiple rings

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