A few figures :
50% of the products that we will consume in 2010 still do not exist today.
44% of consumers are more inclined to buy an innovative product.

The OSMOS orbital wheel is a breakthrough innovation. Only 10% of innovations are defined in this way.
This implies a highly-specialised technology that creates enthusiasm and amazement among consumers.
It is an event that breaks conventional market rules in order to recreate surprise more successfully and to impose a new set of rules.

" It is more difficult to overcome a prejudice than to split an atom " (Einstein).
The OSMOS orbital wheel has broken with the commonplace notions concerning rotation : the wheel axle no longer passes through the midwheel.
This new idea has enabled the creation of a significant breakthrough, since the wheel has not evolved since it was first created 3000 years before Jesus Christ.

The stakes of innovation :
Innovation is what allows a brand to maintain a constant lead:what's important is to be faster than your competitors.
Innovation is a lever of social motivation : it makes it possible to maintain a state of permanent stimulation in a business enterprise, in its workforce, and among its consumers.
As early as 1950, Schumpeter observed the relation that exists between innovation, technological advancement and growth. 66% of innovative business enterprises have seen their sales increase.
The reverse is also true. 87% of businesses that have decreased their investments and innovation have seen their profits decline.

Albert Einstein
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