What will the future be for this innovation in light of the 4 million wheels that are produced daily around the world?

Is innovation for you ?
Today, the partnership has risen to 5th place in the marketing mix. This means joining forces to coordinate skills so as to put the finishing touches to a new product with a high added-value. With our patents and your skills for R&D and manufacture we can propose and sell cars, motorcycles, bicycles or any other avant-garde vehicles  with hubless wheels.

Would you like to acquire our patents ?
Since a patent protects turnover, Osmos has invested sufficient capital to hold a large and flawless monopoly on the marketplace.
By acquiring our patents, you will receive exclusive rights over orbital wheel technology and its exploitation.

8 keys to success :
- Innovation (success rate: 56%)
- Use Improvement (success rate: 81%)
- Market dynamism (a non dynamic market is favourable with success)
- Target width (a broad target supports success)
- Price
- Quality
- Brand
The Osmos Orbital wheel fills 7 of these conditions (except the name of the brand) what enables us to say that the success of the product will be guaranteed.
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